Monday, 6 August 2012

Birthdays come and go

It wasn't my intention to leave it so late after my birthday to blog about it, in fact I ended up having such a lovely meal out that I felt really excited about sharing it with you - but this is the thing my birthday seems to just come and go! It's no surprise that it's often under celebrated as it comes exactly a week after my oldest child's birthday. He's due date was my birthday, I was never keen on that idea and settled happily for him being born 7 days before, but I should have realised that even having 7 days between it would mean that my birthday has no run up, very little excitement and we are often 'still' celebrating my son's birthday, but oh well, I guess that is often the case as we grow older, birthdays just aren't what they use to be!!
So my birth 'day' was pretty awful, to be honest we were still full of the fact that our oldest had just turned 7, still feeling pretty shaken by the fact that we had recently lost my Gran (that's another story) and busy with the fact that #2 was leaving pre-school to start school in September, and that #1 was finishing key-stage 1 to start key-stage 2 again in September, so my day was spent doing well 'parent' things. So it went pretty much uncelebrated. But sometimes this just isn't good enough and we well to be fair needed a treat so at the weekend we went to the River Cottage Canteen at Royal William's Yard, as you can see from the photo someone wasn't so impressed with the place, but my what a place. Royal William's Yard is a former Victualling Yard I'll admit I had to look up the history of the place when I got home and really wish I had done it before we went, it is an amazing place and the River Cottage Canteen fits in so well. 

We had a lovely lunch even with #3 stamping here feet and having a tantrum. The food was gorgeous, locally produced and in season, our waitress was brilliant with the kids which makes such a difference I think when you decide to dine out with kids. We felt welcomed, and the boys loved it.

We felt so at home that it made me question why we don't venture out more often with the kids for food, but then I remembered that this is England and we don't often manage to combine good food and child friendly atmosphere! It is one of the things that I miss from living in France. It was lovely for us all to be able to relax and still be able to eat such gorgeous food. 
Yes #3 mangaed to even sit back down and cheer up once her food arrived!
And for once even I had my photograph taken, well it was my birthday!
River Cottage Canteen is situated in the old Brewhouse building. The whole 'Royal Yard ' makes for a good wander and explore. We had a really special day out, one that we will all remember for quite a while and at a place we can't wait to go back to. And for me it was a real special birthday as I really felt like I relaxed - so for once I can't wait for the next one!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time, what a special place to visit. So sorry to hear about your gran. Juliex

  2. A very belated Happy Birthday to you! I'm sorry to hear the day itself was a bit pants, if it's any consolation, I rarely celebrate on my actual 'day' either, it's usually the weekend after and then it's often low key (unless my sister is taking me to the Opera!!). I'm glad you found somewhere nice to eat as a family, I'll admit we eat out quite often with our boys, but I think it's easier with just the 2. Bethx