Monday, 2 July 2012

My weekend on Instagram!

As technology moves forward there are many times that I feel that my brain is still in rubber key spectrum era! I watch my 4 year old with amazement as he scrolls around on the computer and just seems so at ease with it, and its many uses. There are times when I am quite happy to sit back and watch the latest 'fad' pass me by without feeling the need to get involved or even to try and understand but then there are times when some things fascinate me and make me want to try and 'upgrade' my brain to learn to use them and Instagram is one of them. I've noticed photos taken using it have started to appear on many of the blogs that I follow and since putting it on my phone I've fallen for its charm and ease of putting filters on photos. It did take me a while to figure out how to transfer them onto here but thanks to the help from Lou at Little Green Shed I have discovered a way, so I apologise in advance but I think you will be seeing a lot more of  my filtered Instagram photos! 
So here is my Weekend on Instagram......

Friday ended with sunshine something we have lacked so far this summer so daisy chain making and eating watermelon with its sweet juices were enjoyed. 
And then there was the visit to the fish mongers which I'm pleased to say has become a family ritual on a Saturday and has encouraged the kids to eat and enjoy eating fish like this pollock topped with a parmesan breadcrumb crust. 
And then there was the arrival of scribble and some other prints from Ed Emberleys fabric collection 'Happy Drawing'. The prints are inspired from his Drawing Book of Animals, which was his first learn-to-draw book originally published in 1970 and still going strong today, and my oldest is such a fan of his 'Make a World' book that I couldn't resit buying his fabric's and have already listed some baby bibs and gift sets made using these quirky organic fabrics in my shops.
And then on Sunday we went for a walk on Gem Bridge an amazing bridge 24 metres high that crosses the valley and is such an amazing construction that even the youngest members of our 'walking' party couldn't help but be impressed! 
Not a bad weekend considering the rain that we are experiencing and it's even pouring down as I type.
So for those of you on Instagram I can be found here!
Oh and there is still time to enter Seamstar's  Summersville Giveaway on here where they are offering a bundle of fabric from Lucie Summers first collection all you need to do is leave a comment. Competition ends on Friday the 6th Good Luck! 

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  1. Your weekend in Instagram looks great! I swapped my iphone for a nexus (as M gets given them from work every year and it has a better camera) so can't have Instagram yet :( I think it's coming for Andriod soon......oh! just checked and it's here - off to download now. I like the idea of letting the kids choose fish and I'm a fan of the Ed Emberley fabric as well, it looks great stitched up into your wonderful bibs. Bethx (the linen cat)