Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Shopping, Fabric Style!

Christmas offers such a perfect excuse to do some fabric shopping!
And I've been doing my fair share lately. Luckily the weather hasn't managed to stop our postman doing his deliveries! In fact Mr D thinks I single handily keep the Post Office going,
how cheeky of him! 
I've been after some festive fabric to make the children's stockings out of, a print that's not too childish, something that is reasonably stylish, and I think I've definitely found it in these quirky prints from Westfalenstoffe, which I brought from Celticfusionfabrics. 

They are adorable, and I haven't been able to resist ordering more when I saw a few different prints over at Fabricrehab. I've also bought some fabrics over at Saints and Pinners. I think they will become a staple in my stash and not only for Christmas as I can imagine so many uses for them and at £1.75 for 1/4 meter they are very good value for money.

 As for today, I spent a lovely hour this morning shopping for voiles and flannels to use to make Christmas presents, well that was my excuse! It was a very indulgent online shopping trip that unfortunately came to a very abrupt end when I realised that the washing machine pipe which I thought I had defrosted was in fact still frozen and we had a stinking puddle of dirty water on the utiltiy floor.
How ever lovely the sprinkling of snow we've had is, I really wouldn't mind it getting just a little warmer!


  1. OOO Jenny, those fabrics are gorgeous. Oh and I had better mention, that everytime I come to your blog I say out loud 'I love her wallpaper'!

    Have a great weekend.. Lou x

  2. I love those Westfalenstoffe fabrics, why is it I always forget about them until I see them? Gorgeous! Happy sewing :-)