Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Busy Sewing Stockings!

In any spare time that I've found lately I've been busy making stockings for the kids. Last year they ended up using some walking socks of ours as we couldn't find their stockings. And I've come to the conclusion after rummaging through the attic that somehow they have ended up being thrown out. Of course no Christmas is complete without hanging up your stocking on Christmas Eve so I've been eager to get this project finished.

I found a free pattern on Denyse Schmidt site's called "All the Trimmings Stockings" and if I'd looked properly would have noticed that she includes a pattern for the stocking that you can print out and enlarge. I didn't notice so got Mr D to draw the shape for me, which I think adds to the uniqueness of them. I made the first stocking up following the pattern's instructions for quilting through all three layers, folding down the top edge and sewing around the top, but I don't think the finish is very neat, though that's probably a lot more to do with me rushing than the pattern!

So for the other two I made a separate liner that I sewed in at the end and I much prefer the finish. I also played around with the "trimmings" and added some of the fabric from the body of the stockings to the top. I'm really pleased with how they have turned out and also of how quickly they came together.

  I also love the fact that they are similar but different enough that each child has one that is their own so hopefully no arguing Christmas morning over whose is whose!
And of course the most important thing is the fact that the boys are also very happy with them, especially the size of them. They have never had such big stockings and are now busy imagining how many gifts Father Christmas will be able to fit into them. Saying that I too are wondering how many presents it's going to take to fill them!


  1. Very cute, love the fabric placement. Kxx

  2. They are so lovely Jen! The children willlove them!

  3. they are really lovely, well done you,

  4. They are great, Santa will be trilled to filled such lovelies with gorgeous gifts!

  5. I love your stockings, they are so pretty! The decorations arrived today, thank you. They look just lovely hanging in the doorway, I am delighted with them! Laura x

  6. oh well done they look great, just imagine the kids faces when they see them on xmas morning with the little presents inside!

  7. Fabulous, they look great!

  8. Lovely! You are very organised getting ready for next Christmas already! And Mr D did a marvellous job with the shape :)