Tuesday, 21 December 2010

4 More Sleeps To Go!

Every morning my oldest tells me how many more sleeps there are till Christmas. Too him the ever decreasing number of days brings excitement, for me it brings on just an ounce of stress and concern! Will we have everything ready for the big day!

The disruption caused by the snow might mean that certain parcels haven't arrived and that a weekend spent with my parents in law didn't quite go as planned, with them stuck the other side of the moor, with the only road between us closed by the police due to heavy snow, but the snow has meant that Mr D hasn't been able to work, which has it's bonuses as it's meant that I've been able to get on with making Christmas presents.

After seeing the flannel/Voile scarf tutorial over on Seamzine I knew that I wanted to make them for my mum and sister and of course myself!! I was wondering what Anna Maria Horner's voile would be like to work with, so I decided I best make my scarf first, purely for learning purposes you understand! The Diamond Mine in Ink goes perfectly with her flannel Forest Hills in Moonlight which I have become just a little obsessed with, and have already bought more to use for a blanket for #3. The scarves are very quick to do, I found the cutting took the longest. The voile and flannel are lovely to sew through.

The finished scarf can be worn wrapped round 2 or 3 times. Worn with the voile against your skin it gives you the feeling of wearing silk and worn the other way, the flannel makes it the most cosy of scarves. I chose a mix of mauves and yellows for my mum's scarf and Diamond Mine Sky for my sister's.

I apologise over the quality of the photographs!! They do not show the scarves at their best, but time is limited and I decided to try and do them myself rather than rope Mr D into helping. There is something about the bottom photo that I adore however unclear it is!
Right that's another job to tick off my Xmas to do list!!
I am slowly getting through the jobs and have high hopes that on Christmas Eve we will be able to relax with a glass of port, rather than having the last minute rush wrapping gifts, that has over the years become quite normal in our house at Christmas time!


  1. They look gorgeous. I've just made a couple of scarves from AMH voile and I think I might be addicted. I've not tried the flannel yet but I'll bet it's lovely. Have you seen the figuring 8 scarf on the AMH blog it's the same idea but made with Innocent Crush voile/velveteen... lovely!

    Love the snow effect on your blog!

  2. Your scarves are so lovely. I have been wanting to make some too. I think I may ask for some fabric or a voucher for my birthday!
    We are counting down sleeps too altho' the boys and John are still at work, sadly they don't finish until Thursday afternoon.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Juliex

  3. What beautiful scarves- fab fabric x

  4. Oh they are great, I love the middle one. Good luck with the rest of your 'to do' list, I'm thankful mine is getting slightly smaller!

  5. I love your scarves and agree the last photo is fab! Like you, I am hoping to be done by Christmas Eve, I have my fingers crossed for both of us.

    Have a fabulous Christmas with no stress and no illness!


  6. I love it!!!!! It`s so warm and snuggly. Great for these cold days. Thank you so very much. Love, M. X