Thursday, 19 August 2010

A moment of Madness!

I was so happy to see on my return from work yesterday a parcel had come for me. I waited patiently until the evening when the kids were tucked up in bed to open it, 
so I could open it in peace!

But rather than take my time and savour the moment when I realised the vintage pillowcases that I had bought on ebay were in fact still sealed in their original package, a moment of madness came over me, and in my excitement at just how beautiful they were I tore at the packaging, just like a child at xmas, ripping through the bag as if I had no respect for the fact that it was 
in it's original packaging! 

What was I thinking, 
  "I can't believe you've just done that" was the remark from Mr D who was stood watching me and had a look of utter disgust on his face at my lack of respect for the vintage fabric.
And I sat and sulked very annoyed with myself.

Today is another day and I'm back admiring them. The print is so vivid, it's astonishing to think they have lasted all this time unused. 78 is  marked on the bag so I wonder if this means 1978?

I'm in two minds on whether I can bring myself to cut into them or if they should be used for exactly what they were intended for and be given a home on our bed. Though that could be a bit of a shock to Mr D as they are so bright and funky. Maybe a pillowcase dress for #3, we would certainly see her coming! I quite like the idea of a little skirt for her. Whatever I end up deciding to do with them I have learnt my lesson!!
They now have my utmost respect.!

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  1. Ah give yourself a break! What else could you have done, sat and looked at 'em?!
    LOVE that fabric - I've picked up very similar ones from charity shops, I'm pretty sure we've got a mauvey/purple version!
    x x x

  2. Very pretty - I think my husband would refuse to sleep with them on the bed tho.....he's a bit funny about flowers! Not sure what I'd do with them (on the bed is tempting - I quite like having it to myself!) but a little skirt would be so pretty. Juliex

  3. We had pink ones just like that on one of our daughter's beds. Don't know where they are now!!!!!!XXXXX

  4. I'm with Catherine, it's not as if you were going to just leave them forever in their packaging and hey, you at least waited till after you'd taken a photo ;)

    Lovely fabric, not sure I could sleep under it, I have a fear of non-cotton sheets after sleeping under the kind of polyester that made your hair stand on end and electric shocks in your fingers as a kid.


  5. Bedding needs to be 100% cotton for me or it could go "nobbly", which I am terrified of, don't get me started on nobbles!
    Cut into it and make something fabulous!
    Don't worry about the packaging either, it's what's inside the packet that counts!