Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink!

Well the car is packed, 
the kids are way too excited but thankfully finally asleep,
it looks like we have packed everything but the kitchen sink and
tomorrow we are off camping.
It's the first time all five of us will have slept under canvas and I can't wait and then on the over hand I'm a little worried as last time we went camping with just the boys, #2 woke in the night crying wanting to go "downstairs" so much so he became hysterical. He woke the whole camp-site, we had people coming round wondering what was wrong and in the middle of the night with an over emotional son who at the age of 23mths couldn't be reasoned with it wasn't the most relaxing of experiences!! And slightly embarrassing, so we'll see. We're only going for a few nights so I'll see you soon, god help Cornwall!

1 comment:

  1. Hope you have, are having or had a great time (and also the rest of the campers!)