Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Clocking In!

I've noticed that my last few posts haven't included much sewing even though I have been busy working away on my machine, so I thought it was about time that I shared with you what I've been up to of late.

You see I've been busy plotting!
It all started after Xmas when a friend was telling me how well her home-made jams and chutneys had sold at the school Christmas fair and suggested that I joined her in a stall at the summer fair. Well I think I was still in my 3 children honeymoon period and the full extent of lack of sewing time hadn't really dawned on me. So quite foolishly I agreed. Well the months went by, spring came and went and I quickly realised that I had very little if any real stock. So I was rather relieved when the school announced the date and I realised I was already tied up with #1's birthday party and my friend was in fact away on holiday.

At first I was rather relieved, but that was followed by a feeling of disappointment. I realised that deep down I had been looking forward to it even if the prospect had seemed a little daunting or should that be nerve wrecking!! I always find it a bit scary when I show people what I make! Now the most sensible action at this point would have been to put my few things away and to gradually add to them in preparation for the Christmas fair. 

But Oh not I, after a day or two of do I or don't I,  I decided to go ahead and open up a folksy account.
Now this is where naivety comes into play. Hats off to all of you that have already got shops up and running. For I did not realise for a second how much time and preparation it would take to set one up. If it wasn't for the recent posts on the folksy blog I don't think I would have got as far as I have and as for HTML's I had no idea they existed until the other day. 

So yes Mr D I do have an idea of what to do with my ever increasing collection of vintage fabrics especially the pile of bed linens that I am struggling to find a home for and are currently taking up a lot of room in our bedroom. I am not for a minute thinking that my new adventure will mean I can give up my part-time day job!! But it would be nice to earn a little to help finance my fabric buying obsession. And as I don't think we'll be moving into a bigger house in the near future I must do something with my ever increasing stash. 
So there you have it.
I hope soon to have my shop up and running but for now if any of you have any advice that you think might be helpful I'd be more than grateful to hear it!


  1. i'll be keeping an eye out & look forward to you opening your folksy shop,

    i did our school xmas fair last year, left it all a little too last minute but it went really well, i would say all the smaller things sold out - so i'll be making more for this years!

  2. What fabulous fabric! I admire anyone who can get organised enough for selling things- i can barely manage to find the time to make anything for myself at the moment. Good luck xx

  3. Yeahhhh! Welcome to Folksy :)

  4. Fantastic!
    All the best of luck, you don't need it because you have a very good taste and are talented, and I am sure your shop is going to be a success!

    If you ever need anything, or have a questios about online shops, etc do let me know. I'm far from being a expert, my shop is only 3months old but I will try my best to help ;)

  5. Good luck with the shop, I think you will do really well. I'm afraid mine has been very neglected for weeks. Partly lack of time and partly lack of ability to decide where to take it - I have far too many ideas, and really need to stop myself going in too many directions. Juliex