Thursday, 12 August 2010

Catching up

We're back from our camping trip a little exhausted, a bit damp, and with a new collection of sticks and stones collected by the boys!
I've spent the past couple of days since our return ploughing through our pile of washing and have been desperate to get reacquainted with my sewing machine. My poor machine has spent it's last days hidden under laundry, one of the draw backs of having it set up in our bedroom. But enough is enough so with the want to make something quick and fun, and after a quick flick through my new books which I had for my birthday,  
(no birthday is complete in our house without a present of books!)

and voilĂ  a beetle bug was made!

It's a nice and easy softie to make and a perfect opportunity to use up some fabric from my vintage stash and also delve into my felt pack which I bought from Ray Stitch. I've been meaning to make #3 a soft toy for awhile now and seeing her reaction to "bug" I'm sure there'll be more to come.

I'm really pleased with the book, "softies Only a Mother Could Love".  I can imagine making most of the softies in it especially these, which would be just perfect for the boys

 I'm also looking forward to having a go at one of the patterns out of Emma Hardy's "Making Children's Clothes". I'm a little disappointed that a lot of the patterns start at age 2. I would have liked them to have started a little younger but I'm sure I can adapt them. #3 seems to have already chosen what she likes best out of the book. A very good choice as the bloomers are for her age.

I couldn't resist Anna Maria Homer's "handmade beginnings". I love the way her books are put together, the photographs are beautiful and even though I wish this book had been published when I was pregnant I'm sure there will be projects that I'll make. I especially like the look of this dad bag;

 It feels good to have had some sewing time but right now it's going grey outside and with more rain forecast I best go and get the washing in off the line.
Some chores are definitely never ending!


  1. Oh lovely books, I'll have tolookout for the softies one myself as my two love homemade softies! Good Luck with post holiday laundry! I'm still struggling with ours and we've been back nearly a week!!

  2. Lovely to catch up on your news now you are home. I adore the pictures of #3 with her cuddly toy!! She is obviously very thrilled with it too!
    M. XX

  3. i love the little bug so much - super cute & great fabric choices! you'll have to let me know how you get on with the making children's clothes book, it's been on my amazon wish list for a while!
    i so know what you mean about the washing - i've only just cleared through our lot & we're off camping again this weekend!

  4. Awwwwww - that bug looks sooooooo cute.

    Happy belated birthday - I hope you were really spoilt, though judging by all those books eh!?

    Welcome back from camping,

    Nina xx

  5. I WANT that Handmade Beginnings book!! Love the man-bag. Looks like you've had a lovely summer so far, hope you had a wonderful birthday :)
    Oh, and I love that little softie!

  6. Excellent books! I LOVE the bee!!!!! So sweet :)
    I have read lots of good thins abouut Handmade Beginnings that it is now on top of my list of books to buy.

  7. Oh your Bug is gorgeous! I've just made one too and also the Arno Cat and Polly Dolly from the same book. Great to use up fabric scraps making these cuties! Take a look if you'd like to see 2 of my creations here:

  8. Sorry, my blog link was wrong. Here's the right one.