Monday, 12 July 2010


The garden was prepared

Ailen cakes were made

Party bags were sewn and filled

and the kids came, played and ate
and our oldest boy turned 5, and all of a sudden our little boy seems, well very old and grown up.
Duplo has been replaced by lego star wars in fact we are now surrounded by star wars. It's no longer Postman Pat or Bob the Builder being watched but Star Wars "A New Hope". I've been a stormtrooper, Princess Leia, I've even been allowed to play at being Darth Vader! It really feels like we are entering a new phrase with #1. And it's exciting, if not a little scary!

We've had a weekend of parties and cake, seeing family and friends, tigers and leopards,

But for me the highlight of our trip to the zoo was the meekats.

It wouldn't have surprised me in the slightest if one had turned around and said  "simples"!
But unfortunately through it all #3 has being suffering with conjunctivitis, an upset stomach, and teething pains as her third tooth pokes through, we've had unsettled days, taken it in turns to pace the house in the middle of the night just holding her, praying that she'll settle and eventually have some sleep. So for my birthday next weekend I'm not hoping for a day out, not even a meal out just Mr D and myself but for a good nights sleep as I'm starting to feel my age!!


  1. How super all the preparations for the party! I especially love the cakes! I'm sure your FIVE year old would appreciate having a party. What did Mr D make of it?!!!!!The zoo trip sounds fun and I too love the meerkats. I stood for about half an hour in our local Animal Park waiting for them to appear, to no avail!!Were there really some there I wonder!! XX

  2. The most happiest of Birthday Wishes to No 1, his party looks great, I especially like the monster cakes.

    I do hope you get some decent sleep, I am ahead of you (with only the 2 boys, the youngest now 3) and I still feel tired all the time but it's nothing compared to dealing with the truly little ones, I hope she feels better soon!


  3. The cakes look great! I am sure the children loved them.

    I hope your little one feels better by now :)

  4. Hi I found your blog via the vintage sheets flickr group which I have just joined, i'm also in the uk if you ever fancy swapping a few vintage FQs let me know. My email is Thanks. BTW the meerkats are always my favourite to.
    Amy x