Thursday, 8 July 2010

Birthday treats

There are many benefits of having a birthday in July, 
the sales are definitely one of them!

 50% off on Orla Kiely bags is too hard to resist!

A girl can never have enough bags!! 
Especially when the inside is as gorgeous as the outside!
And as for notebooks,

 Am I the only one who finds it difficult to use notebooks when they are this pretty! So thank you Grandma and to think it's not even my birthday yet for another week!


  1. Happy Birthday!! What lovely presents....Orla Kiely hummmmmm.


  2. Brilliant bag and notebook. I love my Orla Kiely. Happy birthday when it comes. Juliex

  3. Happy birthday! Serious bag envy going on over here!

  4. Great presents. Well done. I am so pleased that you have treated yourself! Have you chosen any Quilting Books for your Birthday yet? Love M. XX

  5. oh Happy Birthday!

    I love notebooks (oh and bags....) have a huge collection of note books, with blank pages, cos like you i can never bring myself to use them if they are pretty!

    Green Jeannie who has discovered she is signed in via google as her dog.........

  6. Lovely presents!! I do love bags and notebooks... although I have stopped buying notebooks since I filled a wooden wine crate with them (all new!).

  7. Your fabrics and bag making are brilliant...I found you on UK Handmade, as I am a member too and am inspired to try some different designs when making bags. Enjoy, Dianna