Monday, 26 July 2010

A bit way laid.......

In my search for demi johns I found this pyrex dish;

couldn't believe my luck at finding these vintage sheets

got more than a little distracted by these rather special vintage curtains

and then found myself at my local scrap store where you just have to have a rummage

but my quest wasn't in vain as I did manage to find Mr D his demi johns, 9 for £5 the best bargain of the day,
so in Mr D's excitement my bags of yet more thrifted fabric managed to go unnoticed!


  1. Keep filling the Demi-Johns, Mr D!!! Can't wait to sample the contents!!!!!!
    And as for you, Sew OBSESSED!!!!!! Do you need a new cupboard now to store the finds?!
    Keep up the good work, both of you! M. XXXXXX

  2. I have exactly the same pyrex dish - such a little cutie.

  3. Blimey you did well! I especially love the yellow flower fabric in the vintage sheets.


  4. Lovely finds! The fabric with the brown flowers is just gorgeous! What are you going to make in your new dish?

  5. I love your finds! Every single one of them. The fabric is just so cool! I am never ever get that lucky and when I find something it is not at a bargain price. The dish reminds me of something similar that my mum used to have :)

    What are you going to make with such lovely fabrics?