Friday, 3 May 2013

Little things

I should be packing, and I will do in a minute when I can muster the energy.
We are off on a long weekend's holiday staying in a beach chalet. Last time we were there we had hail storms, this time we have to hope that we will take with us some of this gorgeous spring weather we have been having lately so we can make the most of the fact that we will be staying only a stones throw away from the beach.

The sunshine has been a nice distraction from all the 'little' things that have been going wrong this week. You know the little problems that seem to accumulate and start to feel annoyingly big and stressful.
Starting with the keys getting jammed in the backdoor which resulted to a new lock needing to be fitted and £120 bill to be paid.
Then there was the cold water tap on the mixer tap on the kitchen sink that just fell off when no one was touching it, making quite a 'bong' as it fell broken into the sink, and now means a new mixer tap will have to be bought, so for now we are using mole grips to turn the cold water on and off!!
Then I guess not to feel left out the washer went on the hot water tap on the bath, not major but annoying nonetheless!
And meaning just another thing that needs fixing.
And then the illnesses, no.2 convincing me on Wednesday that he just didn't feel right to go to school, luckily I gave him the benefit of the doubt, thank god I did as he has suffered with diarrhoea since, and me with a sore throat and the aches and pains that you feel when under the weather.
And then just when I thought things were settling down my OH announces that the clutch cable on the car is on the way out!

We will (fingers crossed) get on holiday, and we will (fingers crossed) have some sunshine, and we will (fingers crossed) relax, and then next week we can slowly work through the list of 'little' jobs that need doing!


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