Wednesday, 29 May 2013

An all too brief getaway!

We spent the bank holiday weekend at my sisters house. Only an hour away in the Devon countryside, and yet that hours drive made the kids feel like they had been away on a short holiday, and for my self and my OH being away from our house and garden meant we had a chance to relax without feeling guilty that we weren't attending the many jobs that we need to do! We spent an afternoon in a field playing with bows and arrows which has become the latest favourite with the boys and a lovely Sunday rediscovering Rosemoor.  An amazing 65 acre garden that we last visited at least 6 years ago and has grown and been improved especailly with regard to children.
We had such a lovely time at 'Aunty Suzie's' it was just such a shame it was all too brief.

I must now point out that we have three most gorgeous children and not just the beautiful daughter pictured above!!! These pictures are a reminded that my children are growing up fast and that I need to make the most of being able to photograph them whilst young, especially when they smile, giggle and explore as unfortunately as they grow up they get faster and faster and spend less time standing still and become less tolerant of being constantly photographed! I failed this time to get a nice picture of my boys but I won't be put off!
Oh no this has just made me realise that I need to get more cunning with my camera!

{First 8 photos taken on phone via Instagram}

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend away and look at that glorious weather! I agree on the photos, having just spent an entire day organising my iPhoto albums, it was obvious how much we used to photograph the boys and how little we do these days, and goodness the time is flying! Beth/thelinencat xx