Saturday, 1 September 2012

And then it was September!

September really? 
So where did August go and where was the British summer?! 
It really hasn't been very good here in the South West, very wet and well, pretty cold. It comes as no surprise that we are entering Autumn as the last few evenings its been impossible not to notice the chill in the air, the smell of fires burning and the fact that it is getting dark much earlier. But it isn't that, that bothers me very much. I'm a real lover of the seasons and Spring and Autumn I adore. It is the fact that September means the end of the school holidays and the beginning of a new school year. By the end of next week we will be back to doing school runs, back into the weekly routine that comes hand in hand with school, and I will miss in the day not only my oldest but my middle son also. 
Big sighs.

Summer's go too quick, far to quick.

Summer's are a chance to giggle and play

Stay up late and even scoot in the dark!

See fairy lights glowing even when it isn't Christmas!

Try out new things like a 'barefoot festival'

Watch a bit of Jousting whilst admiring the gorgeous views!

 Build a castle of our own and explore new rock pools.

Go for walks along the river

And ignore the driving rain whilst camping by having a dance by head torch light!

Not a bad summer considering! 
Roll on Autumn!

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  1. I feel just the same way...dreading the return to routine and loving all that the summer (no matter how wet) has been...I just keep telling myself that it wouldn't be so good without the contrast! (I don't believe it but i keep on trying! :D )