Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head!

Quite literally it has felt that everything you step out the door of the house over the last few months you will get rained on. First there was the jet stream that was affecting the weather and causing all the rain and then just when you think that 'crisis' is over and we did have a week of blissful sun for the first week of the school summer holidays, the rain returns! The constant sight of raindrops on the window that I look out of as I sew and the ever-increasing amount of bags filled with small fabric pieces, that I'm continuously stepping over or moving from one end of the room to the other got me thinking, there must be something I can do with them.

I am lucky that my other OH does not seem to mind too much my fabric obsession! In conversation with him the other day about the amount of bags in the room filled to bursting point with what are best described as 'fabric scraps' I mentioned that maybe I should recycle them. I was quite surprised when he answered 'really you must have some use for them'! I wonder sometimes what size fabric scrap other sewers keep and which they feel are too small to be used, I find it hard not to keep every last morsel! 
I ordered some dried lavender with the intention of making lavender sachets as gifts for my son's teachers but never managed to find the time so sitting staring at the dull winter like weather that was hitting the window the other day and with a head full of the smell of lavender I started playing around with my fabric pieces and doodling.

So please welcome my 'Patchwork Lavender Raindrops'.
I have really enjoyed sewing these, fussy cutting small pieces of fabric to get animals in the right place like this Orange Fox

and this 'Hiding Fox' {below} cut from my very precious last scraps of Cica 52 Birch fabric, the print is one of my favourite fabrics and I've been caught out by not having bought enough. I have finally tracked down a shop in the US that a metre left so are waiting its arrival eagerly, but still its a lesson to be learnt!

The raindrops are filled with dried lavender. I have made them with baby's in mind, thinking that they would look lovely placed in a nursery. Lavender helps to calm and aid sleep, lavender also acts as a insect and a moth repellent so these raindrops will be great for placing in clothes drawers or for hanging in wardrobes. Of course they aren't just for babies and can be hung or placed anywhere in the house.
I have listed them in my Etsy shop here and are hoping to add some to my folksy shop. I really hope they sell as these first six have not made dent in my 'fabric scrap stash'. I could probably make enough raindrops to fill the sky above me and still have small fabric pieces left!


  1. They are so sweet and I admire you for embracing the rain ;-)

    Fabrics scraps, well I don't believe they are scraps - they can all be used somewhere! I keep all that are larger than a thumb nail. x

  2. I use my smaller scraps to make birthday cards-there's nothing too small for a bit of PVA!

    Lovely raindrops, and as usual you have a beautiful sense of colour & balance in your patchwork.

  3. What a great idea and it must feel good to be using up some of those scraps. I have got better about my fabric scrap hoarding (I try to keep less) but felt scrap hoarding is another matter! Bethx