Wednesday, 5 September 2012

For the love of Organic....Part 1!

I've been slowly reopening my 'shops' back up after closing them for a while whilst we went on a camping trip, and as I've opened them up I've had a good look at them and it's made me question a couple of things. At the moment I have a folksy shop, an Etsy shop and a Bigcartel shop but I'm beginning to wonder where I'm going with a couple of them, more on this later though, as I think I have a lot of pondering over it first to do! The other thing I have noticed is how many of my items are now made using Organic cotton fabric, especially in my Etsy shop which has become the shop that I update the most and put my 'one off' items in.

The use of organic cotton has not particularly been a concious decision. I spend a lot of time browsing fabric sites and making notes on forth coming collections that I like and prints that suit my work and more and more I find that the ones I like tend to be organic. 

I am drawn towards nature and animal prints so its not surprising that the first collection I fell deeply in love with was Circa 52 by Monaluna for Birch fabric and especially their Woodland Party print. It came a firm favourite in my Etsy shop as well, selling well and I was so disappointed when I came to order more and found that it had all sold out! I have since managed to find and buy 1 yard! and have started to make one off bibs using it like the bib below and I hope to have the sets above back in stock before Christmas.

 Baby Bib Woodland Bunting

The second collection that I was drawn to was Ed Emberley's first fabric collection 'Happy Drawing' which was brought out my Cloud 9 fabrics. I love the quirky animals and his scribble print has become a firm favourite. From the moment I heard Cloud 9 were releasing this collection I knew I would like it as his 'How to draw' books are a favourite in our house with the kids and myself, they are just perfect for any parent who gets asked by their child
'Can you draw me a............"! 

We own 3 of his books and have a fourth Ed Emberley's Drawing Book Of Halloween on it's way for my Halloween obsessed son! I love the drawings of the foxes, raccoons and elephants and what is so lovely with his 'Forest Friend' print is that you keep spotting animals that you hadn't noticed before.

At the moment I have a selection of baby accessories made using Emberley's prints available in my shops with more on their way. Cloud 9 are also releasing Ed Emberley's 2nd collection 'Happy Drawing Too' in October, so I'm looking forward to seeing that. Cloud9 also have a lot of new fabric designers working with them with collections due out towards the end of the year. It seems to be a very exciting time in the 'Organic Cotton' world!

Part II of my 'For the love of Organic' coming very soon!

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing your 'thoughts' on your shops, once you've had time to think, I'm wondering if you plan to close some and concentrate on others? I love the fabric combinations you chose, they look so great together and I feel really echo your product designs. I'm a fan of the Ed Emberley prints as well. Beth/thelinencat xx