Monday, 27 June 2011

Yes it is the summer

We have spent the last few weeks trying to convince #2 (our 3 yr old) that it is indeed the summer. On a daily basis he asks the question "Is it the summer now?" and however hard I try to explain that yes it is even though it may be a tad cold and wet it is the season we call summer he looks at me through very disbelieving eyes and smiles rather patronisingly and shakes his head! Well finally yesterday with temperatures suddenly soaring into the mid twenties he announced to us all that 
"Today, it is summer", 
so with that we headed up onto the moors to do a bit of paddling!
I think we forget sometimes what is on our door step.

And with views like this we all enjoyed our 'day' of summer very much.

And today, well as it gets darker and darker and looks like it's about to rain, #2 has just asked me what season is it today! When will I finally convince him that it is the summer it's just the British summertime weather that he needs to come to terms with!


  1. Haha very cute! Don't blame him for being confused, the weather is chopping and changing so much - have already changed my outfit twice today to compensate! x

  2. Oh dear, I think #2 would be VERY unimpressed with the weather we are having in Scotland! Even I am having trouble believing it is summer...

  3. I have very similar conversations with Islay who is 4 now - so you may be having them for a while yet! She announced it must be summer on Friday, after saying for weeks it couldn't be, because I told her the strawberry farm was open amd the strawberries ripe for picking...I guess that's a pretty good sign of summer, just ignore the weather.
    Your trip looks lovely, its amazing how nice quite close places can be if you just know where to look. Juliex

  4. Looks like a great day out! My kids are so confused by the weather, especially H who today in 27C heat has a long sleeve t-shirt on with a vest underneath because its cloudy and humid as opposed to sunshiney!! She must be melting but won't take it off!!!!!