Monday, 6 June 2011

Just one more day!

I'm trying to ignore the fact that today is Monday and Mr D has just gone off to work, and tomorrow my two boys return to school and nursery. We've had a lovely week off and had our first camping trip of the year, made even more exciting as we met up with my Brother in law and family which meant the kids had two older cousins to play with, or should I say to keep entertained!

There was plenty of 'follow my leader' going on! 

And plenty of new places to visit even though we never left the county of Devon!

Bicton Botanical Gardens did not disappoint and there was so much to see and do that it was impossible to explore it all in a day.

Though I know there will be no complaints from the kids when we say we want to go back, they loved it!

And with memories of days like this it is so difficult to contemplate the thought of returning to our normal routine tomorrow. So the plan for today is a morning spent in pjs and an afternoon for the boys spent at the park with Grandparents, and for me time on the sewing machine, a great end to the holiday then!


  1. It all sounds perfect. Hope the afternoon of sewing went well. Juliex

  2. Hello Sew obsesssed just checking to see that you received your flannels . thank you - Gwen celticfusionfabrics

  3. Glorious - I always wish the holidays were longer, so much we could do....

  4. It does look and sound lovely. I rather like your new blog header, it's a great photo of your products. Bx