Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Strawberry Fever

So the strawberry season is well and truly among us, and the kids have been happily munching their way through our crop so quickly in fact that I have failed to get a photo of our best crop ever to show you or even to eat one myself!

All this 'strawberry' fever has had an effect on my latest choice of fabrics. I couldn't resist this fun berry print when I saw it and I have enjoyed teaming it with a dark pink gingham fabric to make this bib and burp cloth set which is available here and here.

I've also been making some girls tote bags for the fairs I have been doing. There size makes them ideal for a young girl to fill with her toys, hair clips or books and to carry them around with her just like her mummy!

I can't believe how quickly girls get into their bags my 19mth old already loves filling hers up with what ever she can find and I do mean 'whatever'! I have added one to my on-line shop and one to my folksy shop a crafty hen   

As for our crop of strawberries, I think the kids have eaten most of our crop and have now started on our raspberries and loganberries. I wonder if I'll manage to get to eat a few myself or even better to get some into the kitchen to do some cooking with them?


  1. I love the fabrics! Sorry you haven't got to sample the strawberries! Better luck with the other fruit. Our blackcurrants have been made into cassis and everybody seems to like it, including me! M. XX

  2. Love your new things, the fabrics are really pretty. I've got plans for strawberry jam but have hit your problem too, we need to keep some of what we pick rather than eat it all! Juliex

  3. Great fabrics and the tote bags are fab. I've just popped over to your shop, it looks fantastic, all your stock looks great together. Bethx