Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Little Spring Cleaning!

The sun has been shining the last couple of days and if you can get in the sunshine, out of the wind, then you can feel heat from the sun beaming down on you and you can smell the first signs of growth it really is beautiful. Spring is among us, and I can truly say I love this time of year.
I love everything about it, the brighter evenings, noticing plants re-emerging into life, I don't even mind sharing my sewing space with the propagators full of tiny tomato and chilli seedlings! Trips to the beach that you know are the first of many more, and the cooking of sausages and the toasting of marshmallows on our new rocket stove, (an anniversary present to ourselves) that will be the first of many more dinners alfresco! 

I also love the little extra energy that Spring seems to give you, that little lift to the spirit, the rays of sunlight beaming into the house waking it up after it's winter sleep. I'll look past the dust and the cobwebs that the sun highlights ignoring it as I sit in the sunshine enjoying a cup of tea and listening to the kids claiming back the garden from the Winter.
Oh yes I am definitely a Spring girl.

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  1. If the weather hadn't got me in the mood for spring already, your post certainly has! (PS Lovely bibs in the new blog header... I'm off to look at your shop now!)