Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Animal Zoo

I've really enjoyed working on my latest commission not only is it made using one of my all time favourite boys prints but also because it was my son's teaching assistant who asked me to make it for her friend's baby.   

Now this teaching assistant has become very dear to us and to my son, who she has worked wonders with. Drawing him more and more out of his shell, knowing when to push him and knowing maybe more importantly when to stop! They have built up a lovely trusting relationship. She has helped him to actually enjoy school and even {pauses for breath} has helped to make him  
{drum roll please......} enjoy reading! 
Oh yes she has worked miracles!
This Baby Boys Set comprises of two bibs, a couple of burp cloths, a matching ribbon tag blanket and a small rectangle cushion which I based on this square cushion which was what the TA had originally seen at a school fair I attended a few weeks ago and goes to prove that sometimes these events are worth doing even if you don't sell much at the fair it can lead to other things!


  1. These look fablous, love the bibs and ribbon blanket. Where do you get the base of your burp cloths from, I can only finds them in US?

  2. Wow Jenny it all looks wonderful, I love that Zoo fabric, did you know they do a tiny print version too? I've got some in my stash, think it would make a lovely lining for a bag, or backing for a little quilt. Well done, and well done to your son's TA, I wish someone could help my Max to enjoy reading! x

  3. How spooky!... Some of this fabric is on a boat heading from the US towards my postbox for my son's birthday quilt. And it is also one of my favourite boy fabrics. Synchronicity! These are beautiful, you've got a lovely eye for colour and balance in the things you sew. PS I also have the same burp cloths question as ScissorsandThread.