Thursday 6 December 2012

Popping Up In The Pop Up Design Shop

It's been a busy few weeks, but I'm pleased to be able to finally announce that you can now buy 'A Crafty Hen' items from the Pop Up Design Shop 
in The Brooks shopping centre, Winchester, from now until Christmas Eve.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

The shop looks amazing, full of wonderful pieces and I feel very lucky to have some of my things in there. It's the first time I've been involved with a 'Pop Up Shop' but I think the concept of these shops is great. Such a good way to fill up empty high street shops. And Suzie the owner of the shop and of  Urban Bird is so passionate about showcasing what is out there that it's been a delight to dedicate the last couple of weeks to sewing stock for the shop.

I have sent a selection of baby bibs some new and some of my favourites. 
There is also a selection of my cushions and large cosy blankets.
I hope to get these into my web shop soon but it probably won't be until the New Year, as this year is quickly disappearing!

 Oh and Lavender Raindrops are on their way!

So please if you are in the area, do stop buy and have a browse.
I wish I could!

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  1. Hi Jenny - well done, the shop looks lovely! And I love the fabrics you've used - I love that Zoo print but I've never seen it in that colourway - it's gorgeous. By the way I think I saw a comment from you on the Yay! Retro fb page about Checkmate cups? I've got some which I was planning to put in my Etsy shop when I open it in the New Year - no saucers I'm afraid but I have also got a sugar bowl and cream jug. Would you like me to reserve them for you?
    Rachel x