Monday, 12 November 2012

You Just Have To Laugh!

Sunday was a glorious day bright, sunny even quite mild,
the kind of day that is perfect for going for a walk in the woods,

An exploring a new woods kind of day!

Stumbling across hidden gems that get you wondering of the past.

Even #1's homework 'Autumn Finds' was a joy to do.

And then there is always the compulsory refuelling stop of cake and hot chocolate!

All in all it was the most perfect family Sunday, just a shame about the nit discovery at bedtime! Which then saw us washing and combing the kids hair way past their bedtime. By the time we had finished it was nearly ten o'clock and it wasn't only the kids who were exhausted! It's the first time the kids have had nits which I guess is not bad considering #1 is already in year 3. Not quite the end to our Sunday that we had expected oh the joys of parenthood!
Sometimes you just have to laugh!!


  1. Good shots and surely read your happy family gathering in the pretty nature.

  2. Lovely wood photos and boo on the nits! We had them last year (our first time) but have avoided them since, despite regular notes from school informing us they are back. They can take a bit of getting rid of, we chemically treated twice as well as combing every day with a nitty gritty to make sure we got every last louse and any new ones arriving from school. Good luck!! Bethx