Monday, 25 June 2012

Sewing for flexible kids!

I really can't believe how quickly my youngest is growing up, she will be 3 in October which will be upon us before we know it, which quite frankly scares me. But however much I wish she could stay 2 forever I have also been quite keen to get her potty trained and to finally wave goodbye to nappies! So in the school holiday just gone we had a third attempt at potty training and this time I'm so pleased to say it clicked!

Potty training rather highlighted the lack of trousers that my daughter has and also how difficult some kids trousers are for them to pull up and down, so this weekend I decided it was about time I made some trousers for her. I made the mistake to ask what colour trousers she would like, of course her answer was 'pink' so we set about raiding my 'pink' stash but I needed a meter of fabric due to the length of the trousers and my pink stash is very limited so we eventually settled on this lovely bright fabric. 

The great thing about the busy print and the colours is that even though she has spent the weekend wearing them, playing in the garden, playing on the floor etc they don't show the dirt, and with there simple elasticated waist she can pull them up and down easily herself. I used an existing pair of her trousers to make a pattern and they came together very quickly. 

I'm pleased to say even though she refused to try them on when I was sewing them so I could check there length she now seems happy with them. And after jumping, running and bending in them they have passed her 'flexi' test and have been approved. 
I have promised her that the next pair will be pink so are now on the search for some pink fabric that gets the approval from us both, that I think could take a while!


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