Saturday, 19 March 2011

It must be the sunshine!

The weather over the last few days really has been magnificent.
Blue skies, a warmth in the sun, a smell about the air that is a sign that everything is beginning to wake up. Little by little there are true signs of spring, the birds are singing the spring bulbs are brightening the garden up and the seedlings are making good progress in the greenhouse. And as for me, 
I've been surrounding myself with 'spring' fabrics!

It's been a real joy to pick out this gorgeous orange and pink vintage floral print and match it up with other vintage and new fabrics. With the sun streaming through the window whilst I sew, creating this large drawstring bag has been a pleasure.

Both sides are different and are finished with a trim of velvet ribbon. 

It is fully lined with another summery vintage print and closes with a cream barley twist rope. It is a perfect size for keeping laundry in or even toys.

It is part of my slowly increasing 'Dotty Vintage' range in my Folksy shop . I have also added a set of two burp cloths also made out of this lovely range of cheerful fabrics.

These handy cloths match perfectly with my 'dotty vintage' bib making it a lovely idea for a gift.

Well that's me done!! 
I'm off to have a good night sleep as tomorrow we are digging over the allotment, a job that needs doing but is rather back breaking! At least it looks like we will be doing it in sunshine!
Enjoy :)


  1. I love the fabrics! It really makes one feel that Spring is here. Fingers crossed that the weather remains good for the digging. We also are hoping to do some work in the garden today. Whether we will be able to move afterwards is another matter! XXXXX

  2. Hello stranger haven't "spoken" to you in ages. Yes it is my kitchen, it's called Oak Fern by Fired Earth Paints. I love it, especially this time of year it's just like the colour of new leaves. xx