Sunday, 20 February 2011

Was that a glimpse of Spring?

I do believe it was!!
We have had a gorgeous spring weekend that has shown us a little of what is to come!

It's been the most perfect weekend to go exploring a spring bulb garden.

At varying paces!

Even the frogs had a spring in their hop!

Today's outing has almost been so perfect that I will just about forgive the fact that it is now pouring down and the forecast for the next five days of half term week is rain. 
Almost forgive I say but not quite!
Come back Spring!


  1. So pleased to hear that you have had such a gorgeous weekend. It really does give one hope that Spring is just round the corner when you see all the flowers appearing. We also have taken advantage of the weather. We've spent the last two days demolishing a huge laurel and a conifer hedge. Now we are faced with the problem of waiting for the next dry spell to burn all the rubbish!! And my word, have we a lot!!!!! Happy holiday! Hope you get some good weather! M. XXXXX

  2. what lovely pictures, send some sunnier weather my way please!

  3. Spring is springing. Beautiful pictures, makes me feel hopeful fro the months ahead.

  4. That's cheered me up! It looks lovely and 'Spring-like', everything here is still mostly green and the flowers are yet to come (nearly there though) so I'm looking forward to this. Hope half term is going well, I feel like I should be wearing army survival kit, I seem to be shouting a lot like I'm in the army as well;) Bethx

  5. Such gorgous pictures- enjoy the rest of your half term xx