Monday, 23 November 2009

Xmas Mini Quilts

My "Presents to make" xmas list is going badly.
So badly in fact, that my xmas 2009 list is quickly becoming my xmas 2010 "to make" list!

As for my "presents I would like" xmas list, this is going very well!!!!
There is a theme, surprise, surprise. This year it is quilting.
I don't really know why its taken me so long to start quilting.
I guess I should have seen it coming . It started with making baby blankets, and spending far too much time on fabric sites which lead to me wondering just how difficult a quilt would be to make.
And now I few months later my "presents" xmas list consists mainly of quilting books!!

One of the things on my xmas to do list that I really want to achieve is a couple of mini quilts for my daughter, to be hung in her nursery.
Mini quilts have been a revelation to me. One of the things that put me off quilting was the idea of working on something so big, why I thought a quilt had to be large I'm not sure!
Then I stumbled across "Mini Quilt Monday" on flickr, which is a great place to find inspiration.
The idea of creating a small quilt to use as a piece of art. Something that hopefully won't take me too long to do from start to finish sounds the perfect place to start learning how to quilt.

So with my fascination for log cabin blocks, I have decided to do two mini quilts using Alexander Henry's Yui Kokeshi fabric. I bought the print in both black and pink quite a while ago and haven't been sure until now what to use them for. I think quilts out of these prints will be perfect for a girls room.

I've got as far as cutting the fabric for the first quilt, and selecting some of the fabric for the second so surely I can complete them before Christmas!!

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