Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunshine on a String!

We've had a couple of dull days but today in time for Mother's Day the sun is back shinning.
The sunshine over the last few weeks has made photographing new products for my shops so much easier and I was so pleased to see my new Summer Vintage Bunting included on Emma Lamb's blog on her Making Everyday Beautiful.

I love Emma's blog and have read and admired it for years so it was so lovely for her to feature something I have made. Her blog makes for a very inspiring read full of photos to get your creative juices flowing! 

Available here and in my Etsy shop this sweet bunting was inspired by the first glimpses of sun and the bright Spring yellow daffodils. Over 3 meters long it is a lovely way to bring the sunshine into your home and a lovely decoration for a spring and summer wedding or Christening. I have made the bunting using some of my favourite vintage fabrics and also some lovely summery pink cotton gingham. I've really enjoyed rummaging through my vintage fabric stash and with my folksy shop nearing 100 items sold I think a little vintage giveaway will soon be in order! 
Happy Mother's Day xx


  1. Lovely bunting!! Looks great!

  2. I've woken up under a cloud this morning, so your burst of sunshine has really helped! Thank you. Beautiful and inspiring bunting. Now I'm going to go and check out Emma's blog (thanks for the recommendation). x